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New iTunes apps updates

iTunes Card
Here's the new iTunes apps updates page screen. Nicer, but it's harder to download updates if you have multiple accounts active. It will prompt you to enter your account's password according to the sequence of the apps that appear in that list.

Install CakePHP on ServerFreak

To get CakePHP to work with ServerFreak or any other hosting (e.g. IPSERVERONE, 1&1, Godaddy) that serves from a user directory that already uses mod_rewrite, all you have to do is add RewriteBase statements to the .htaccess files that CakePHP…


Everywhere I turn, every website I visit, almost everyone’s talking about the movie. I guess I’m the only soul in Malaysia who haven’t watched the movie. Instead of being sad about it, I searched for the sound that Transformers make…

Web hosting in Malaysia

I have been looking for a good web host in Malaysia. Unfortunately, there are no summaries of all them unlike other countries. Here’s a table of who’s who and what they’re offering. // To be continued…