Moved to YeahHost

I’ve finally moved the whole site to YeahHost. Everything seems to migrate just fine. We’ll see how everything turns out.







11 responses to “Moved to YeahHost”

  1. wingloon Avatar

    Can share with us which hosting provider you moved out from and why? Thanks, :)

  2. Raja Avatar

    Yeahhost seems ok for now.
    Their ‘unbelieveable bargain’ is only for Windows hosting unfortunately :(

  3. danny Avatar

    Yuo and Raja both on YEahHost?

  4. Sue Avatar

    I have moved to yeahhost as well and I like their service. I believe they are one of the best in Malaysia.

  5. alanbernard Avatar

    Let us know the outcome, man.

  6. Billion Avatar

    Yeahhost suspend account if you send spam. I did it once but will never do it again!!! >.< Overall, Yeahhost is much better than my previous host Exabytes.

  7. Wing Loon Avatar

    …and why you are now in ServerFreak?

  8. matt Avatar

    yeahhost is more reputatable, I will pay more to buy from them.
    my problem now is I can’t find a good .com domain name, all taken! .my domain not free at yeahhost?!?!? :(

  9. zhone Avatar

    My personal experience:
    1) I am waiting for 6 month refund process.
    2) False promise about Joomla cms support. I tried 3 weeks and never managed to install. The last support from them “Please seek for Joomla support”
    3) Hidden refund policy. From the email, they mentioned that the refund duration is as per company’s discretion, to protect company’s from abuse. I am the first time customer and they failed to support me. I did not get a single content to display 3 weeks after the payment. Do I look like abuser?
    4) Bad customer support. I wrote 3 emails chasing for the refund process and duration. I had to route my request through their customer/business partner to get their reply, stating the 6 month process.

  10. Boo Lin Avatar
    Boo Lin

    zhone you sound like a total crap. No reply from Yeahhost? This can’t be true. I’m using their services, for 3 years now and their response is super fast. Well, you don’t know how to install Joomla and asked for refund? I wonder the Joomla’s on-screen installation guide really troubles you?
    I’m using Joomla too, the only issue I ever had is the bug in Joomla search. But I found the solution from google, it was linked to Joomla site. Yeahhost owe me nothing because Joomla isn’t their product.
    6 months delay for abusers right? why you worry about that? Are you in that category?

  11. Jan Avatar

    You can try yeahhost hosting because they’re very reliable based on my experience. I’m new to yeahhost, but they impressed me so much! very good support! A+++++

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