Everywhere I turn, every website I visit, almost everyone’s talking about the movie. I guess I’m the only soul in Malaysia who haven’t watched the movie.

Instead of being sad about it, I searched for the sound that Transformers make when they transform. Here’s the link for the sound if you’re interested. At least I’m cool that way.

If it’s not the Transformers movie, it’s the iPhone. Life’s good.


5 responses to “Transformers!”

  1. What you waiting for bro? IMAX IMAX IMAX :)

  2. What theme you running man? looks sweet….

  3. It’s illacrimo by design disease.

  4. why does this site not work anymore? I was wondering if you could post what you have again… please.


    1. What do you mean when you say they site’s not working?

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