Transformers action figures

Where in the world can I get these guys in Malaysia?

Ultimate Bumblebee

Ultimate Bumblebee - BoxUltimate Bumblebee - RobotUltimate Bumblebee - Alternate

Transformers Movie Leader Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime - BoxOptimus Prime - RobotOptimus Prime - Alternate

Bumblebee Unleashed

Bumblebee Unleashed - BoxBumblebee Unleashed - Robot


18 responses to “Transformers action figures”

  1. What do you want them to do in Malaysia?

  2. I wanna get em that’s why! :)

  3. how much is bumblebee

  4. I’m not sure about the price in Malaysia, but you can get it from Amazon for around USD 125.25 (+- RM 440).

  5. How much is Optimus Prime? I’m very want it…! Bumblebee and Optimus Prime

  6. I think optimus prime is really cool

  7. I’m still having a hard time looking for it in Malaysia.

    On another note, Ultimate Bumblebee is out in US.

  8. christopher Avatar

    hi ! i am from mauritius and i want to buy optimus prime and bumlebee action figures…tell me how much it will cost me pls and what must i do for making aquisition of them. i want to know the importation cost also

  9. where can i buy him ??

  10. we can find optimus prime at One Utama… the price around rm300

  11. That’s really expensive. You can get it for around RM 200. It’s hard to find though.

    I guess that’s the price to pay if you really need to have it.

  12. GREAT Movie! I watched it online at “” the movie was freakin awsome..

  13. this movie was wayyy better than the first one I watched it yesterday assoon as I found out it got leaked on the internet at “”

  14. OMG this movie is f***** AWSOMEE!! WAY better than the first one.. I watched it online at “” quality was awsome..

  15. that is fucking shit how much

    1. My son loved it. It arrived beofre Halloween. We got the 4-6 size and it JUST fit him. He’s a emaciated 5 yr ancient. I liked that it was comfortable. We place thermals on underneath and he wore it for 3 days straight. I cannot believe the mask is still intact, but it is! It’s just made out of plastic, but it’s better than the flimsy ones we had as kids.

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  17. well u nowe i am also from malaysia and i have seen the ultimate class bumblebee

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