Xbox Live! Enabled

Yay, I’m finally Xbox Live! enabled.


6 responses to “Xbox Live! Enabled”

  1. yo bro. Throw in some pics man ;)

  2. No worries bro. That’s the plan. I will try and source out a camera first.

    Still testing out the trial Live account. It’s pretty good.

  3. Gears O War Rocks!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!

  4. Heard MR.Raja just picked up his X360. Sweet!!!

  5. Yeap, he’s in.

    When will you join the dark side?

  6. Dude, I found your blog through a search of Xbox LIVE on Hit me up on Xbox LIVE! I don’t know too many Malaysian Xboxers. My gamertag: kamodnb. Peace!

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