Apple Confirms Resolution Independence in Leopard

Resolution Independence

Here’s a snippet from the latest email newsletter from Apple:

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, you’ll find developers like Alykhan Jetha of Marketcircle and Apple engineers like David McLeod working together to build the exciting new technologies of Leopard into the next generation of Mac software. For Alykhan, that means he’ll come away with the knowledge he needs to use Quartz and Cocoa to make his products completely resolution independent.

You might ask, how does this affect me as the end user? High density computer monitors will be able to display sharper images and texts. Imagine reading an online newspaper that have text that looks as good as the one you see in a magazine! Will computer screen rival paper printing in the near future? For now, we will just have to wait and see.

You can read more about Resolution Independence from this Wikipedia entry.

Source: Apple Confirms Resolution Independence in Leopard Through WWDC Email


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