Xbox Live! Enabled

Yay, I’m finally Xbox Live! enabled.






6 responses to “Xbox Live! Enabled”

  1. danesh Avatar

    yo bro. Throw in some pics man ;)

  2. Thaweesak Avatar

    No worries bro. That’s the plan. I will try and source out a camera first.

    Still testing out the trial Live account. It’s pretty good.

  3. raja Avatar

    Gears O War Rocks!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!

  4. danny Avatar

    Heard MR.Raja just picked up his X360. Sweet!!!

  5. Thaweesak Avatar

    Yeap, he’s in.

    When will you join the dark side?

  6. Suffian Avatar

    Dude, I found your blog through a search of Xbox LIVE on Hit me up on Xbox LIVE! I don’t know too many Malaysian Xboxers. My gamertag: kamodnb. Peace!

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