Transformers action figures

Where in the world can I get these guys in Malaysia?

Ultimate Bumblebee

Ultimate Bumblebee - BoxUltimate Bumblebee - RobotUltimate Bumblebee - Alternate

Transformers Movie Leader Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime - BoxOptimus Prime - RobotOptimus Prime - Alternate

Bumblebee Unleashed

Bumblebee Unleashed - BoxBumblebee Unleashed - Robot

18 responses to “Transformers action figures”

  1. hi ! i am from mauritius and i want to buy optimus prime and bumlebee action figures…tell me how much it will cost me pls and what must i do for making aquisition of them. i want to know the importation cost also

  2. That’s really expensive. You can get it for around RM 200. It’s hard to find though.

    I guess that’s the price to pay if you really need to have it.

  3. this movie was wayyy better than the first one I watched it yesterday assoon as I found out it got leaked on the internet at “”

  4. OMG this movie is f***** AWSOMEE!! WAY better than the first one.. I watched it online at “” quality was awsome..

    • My son loved it. It arrived beofre Halloween. We got the 4-6 size and it JUST fit him. He’s a emaciated 5 yr ancient. I liked that it was comfortable. We place thermals on underneath and he wore it for 3 days straight. I cannot believe the mask is still intact, but it is! It’s just made out of plastic, but it’s better than the flimsy ones we had as kids.

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