New Old School Trash Icon

Here’s a good looking Trash icon if you are going for the Classic Macintosh look. Icon’s available for both Windows and Macintosh.


Get it here: 128×128.COM by Anton Gerasimenko

Update: Since the original site is down, you can download it here until the site is restored.
Download New Old School Trash Icon



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6 responses to “New Old School Trash Icon”

  1. alanbernard Avatar

    someone’s birthday coming soon… hehehehe… eww, red text… dude, change man, change!

  2. Danny Avatar

    Sweet icons man.

  3. J Avatar

    can someone re upload these? please

    1. Thaweesak Avatar

      I’ve added the file to this site until the author’s restores his website. Enjoy!

  4. Beer Avatar

    Hi there,
    I’d like to download the icon, the only issue i’m having is that the png file can’t be downloaded because while downloading the png file the server cannot be found although my network is really good.

    Do any of you guys perhaps have it for me, i’d like to have the trashcan icon. Looks great!

    Thanks alot ;)

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