Category: Design

  • All New Flickr Design

    Wow, first Tumblr and now this? This is a very big week for Yahoo.

  • HP Rebranding

    Interesting concept for HP’s branding. Unfortunately, they are not going ahead with the design, yet. Source: The story of Human Progress – Moving Brands

  • Why so serious?

  • New Old School Trash Icon

    Here’s a good looking Trash icon if you are going for the Classic Macintosh look. Icon’s available for both Windows and Macintosh. Get it here: 128×128.COM by Anton Gerasimenko Update: Since the original site is down, you can download it here until the site is restored. Download New Old School Trash Icon

  • Universal Connections

    Datenschutz Eternal Love French Connection Universal Connections by dialog5

  • Weave your lighting

    Weave Your Lighting is a project by Korean designer Kwangho Lee that is inspired by memories of his mother’s knitting. Check out KwangHo Lee’s Lighting Gallery for more knitting tangled like work by the korean artist. Source: GEARFUSE

  • Ever wanted to build your own Apple Store?

    Now you can. Here’s how. First, visit oobject to obtain all the items that you need to get the right look and feel. Here are some of the items that you will need: One particular item that I’m really interested in would be Item 21, which is the Motorized Shades by Mechoshade. It completes the…

  • Wishlist #1

    Penny Arcade’s Gamer Shirt

  • Impressive copywriting by IBM

    This is surely a very interesting letter from IBM inviting customers for their event, Solutions Day 2006. Click the image above to see the whole view. Source: Asgeir Hoem Journale