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  • Interesting album covers

    Matching album covers Very interesting way to stitch album art together. You can see the rest of the gallery at Album Cover Galore!! Watch this! It’s just plain out of this world. Here’s the excerpt from the author himself: This spot takes you on a hilarious, ultra-violent, semi-pornographic tour through just about every famous…

  • Universal Connections

    Datenschutz Eternal Love French Connection Universal Connections by dialog5

  • Weave your lighting

    Weave Your Lighting is a project by Korean designer Kwangho Lee that is inspired by memories of his mother’s knitting. Check out KwangHo Lee’s Lighting Gallery for more knitting tangled like work by the korean artist. Source: GEARFUSE

  • GTA IV “Niko Belic” Munny

    Source: Scave

  • Best iPhone unboxing pictures

    Source: iPhone Unpacking

  • Ever wanted to build your own Apple Store?

    Now you can. Here’s how. First, visit oobject to obtain all the items that you need to get the right look and feel. Here are some of the items that you will need: One particular item that I’m really interested in would be Item 21, which is the Motorized Shades by Mechoshade. It completes the…

  • Why Prices End in 99s

    I have always wondered why prices ends with 99s, but never really remembered the question long enough to search for the answer, until I read this article. Why Prices End in 99s: Humans Are Mathematically Incompetent | Epicenter from Which is smaller: 298,548 or 298,000? If you picked 298,548, you’re not alone. That’s the…

  • “There’s something in the air”

    What can we expect from MacWorld this year? A new product? Maybe something wireless. We’ll see in a few days. Source: AppleInsider

  • Moved to YeahHost

    I’ve finally moved the whole site to YeahHost. Everything seems to migrate just fine. We’ll see how everything turns out.

  • Vibrant Ink for Leopard Terminal

    If you’re on Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), follow the instructions on the following post: Vibrant Ink for Snow Leopard Terminal Updated: TerminalColors ‘updated’ for 10.5.2 compatibility. As mentioned on Ciarán Walsh’s Blog, the default blue background that’s being used for Leopard’s terminal is difficult to read on a black background. In order to…

  • Wishlist #1

    Penny Arcade’s Gamer Shirt

  • How to make people talk about your products

    Here’s what you’re greeted with if you were to visit Microsoft’s Zune website from outside of the US.

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