The Wire, Simpsons style

Drawings of The Wire in Simpsons style. Here’s the scene from the TV series. Source: Periscope Studio » Archive for The Wire

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Interesting album covers

Matching album covers Very interesting way to stitch album art together. You can see the rest of the gallery at Album Cover Galore!! Watch this! It’s just plain out of this world. Here’s the excerpt from the author himself: This spot takes you on a hilarious, ultra-violent, semi-pornographic tour through just about every famous…… Continue reading Interesting album covers

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Weave your lighting

Weave Your Lighting is a project by Korean designer Kwangho Lee that is inspired by memories of his mother’s knitting. Check out KwangHo Lee’s Lighting Gallery for more knitting tangled like work by the korean artist. Source: GEARFUSE

Why Prices End in 99s

I have always wondered why prices ends with 99s, but never really remembered the question long enough to search for the answer, until I read this article. Why Prices End in 99s: Humans Are Mathematically Incompetent | Epicenter from Which is smaller: 298,548 or 298,000? If you picked 298,548, you’re not alone. That’s the…… Continue reading Why Prices End in 99s

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“There’s something in the air”

What can we expect from MacWorld this year? A new product? Maybe something wireless. We’ll see in a few days. Source: AppleInsider

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